Cheap and Cheerful Is Just the Ticket!


I had a little time to kill yesterday at Grand Central Terminal. I headed toward the bookstore–generally my favorite place to waste time–when I was stopped in my tracks by a storefront I hadn’t seen before.

The company is Pylones, a French-based retailer. As far as I can tell, they bring new meaning to anthropomorphism. 

For example:





A Grater!

A Grater!

Imagine these, and hundreds of other, colorful objects, artfully arranged on tables, walls, cubbies, piled in pyramids and so on. The music was bouncy, playful. Every shopper in the store was smiling. I noted that some packaging identified Pylones as an “editeur d’objects”. What a perfect description.

In addition to being different, special and fun, almost everything in the shop was inexpensive. Many items were under $10. 

All in all, a delightful branded experience. Lighthearted is good! After so much seriousness, we are greatly in need of a happy moment or two.


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